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Stress, pain, and confusion are needed (and inconvenient) alarm clocks that can be ignored or answered. Therapy is one way to answer distress. My ideal client is one who is open to trying something different to improve themselves using a collaborative, exploratory and healing therapeutic framework. 

It is daunting to begin therapy. There are still so many misconceptions about seeking therapy. It is nerve racking to meet someone and tell them your deepest, darkest secrets, fears, feelings and thoughts. Everyone has wounds that can only heal when given space to breathe. Sometimes that safe space permits you to engage the power of perspective.  Perspective is not the denial of reality. It is the expansion of it; a process that changes everyone involved. In the process, those wounds may also be transformed into paths toward self-growth; healthier relationships and balanced lifestyle. 

Therapy is not only about someone coming in for "help." It is also about someone coming in for "change."  The change is derived from turning stressful states into transformation which, in turn, leads to awareness.