Religion and Sexuality in the LGBTQ Community

Religion and sexuality have not exactly had a history of peace. In of itself, religion brings security to many and in of itself sexuality brings empowerment to others; but for many reasons when married to one another, the union is marked with contention. I have long provided therapy for people who are struggling with their sexual identity and sexuality in the context of religion. Some want to find a way to connect the two; while others want to annul the union altogether. My role is to help facilitate understanding that will serve the individuated paradigm of each human being.

Because I am extremely well versed in world religions and spirituality; I am able to provide that safe space. And that safe space is needed. Suicide rates, depression, and anxiety affect many LGBTQ people; due mostly to being rejected by family, friends, community. Many of the reasons for rejection are justified on the concept of “sin.” Sin means different things to different people. At the root of the word, sin means, “to miss the mark.” Thus, that makes us all sinners, as we have; as a world culture missed the mark in what it means to be humane.

We are more than sexual beings. We are more than religious beings. We are largely defined by relationships or more specifically, who we are “in relation” to other people, beliefs, and things.  Thus, in order to address this relationship, I offer therapy that addresses the challenges.

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