Sight vs. Vision

I used to look at Monet with eyes that did not see beyond vision. As I matured, I learned to view his art through his eyes. Meaning, I needed to change lenses (i.e. perspective). Monet spent 40 plus years searching to see the world differently than the average artist. In his later age, he finally did. He developed cataracts and that is when his paintings became visionary. His art no longer had lines that separated things. He did not see the leaves on trees as separate from the road, bridge, flowers and people. Everything merged into one seamless work of art. That blurriness we see was actually a glimpse into the eye of Monet.  Everything is connected and melts into each other. No separation. One.

The doctors offered to find ways to restore his sight but they failed and instead allowed a miracle to stage its opening.  Cataracts allowed Monet to finally see the world differently. He began to perceive the ultra violet wavelengths you see interpreted in his paintings; a characteristic of cataracts.  It is said Monet thanked the doctors when they failed, saying (paraphrasing); “I worked too hard to finally see life in a different way. I am not going back now.” He got his wish to perceive things other artists could only beg to glimpse. After that, Monet could never go back seeing the world as an unreal, fragmented state. You see that is true New Year (Life) goal. From fragmentation to fantasy.  From sight to vision. 

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