Love is Grief

Love is not a romantic feeling; a mood or even a thought or emotion. The minute you find love; is the minute you grieve it. Meaning? Have you ever looked at your child and thought it impossible to see that clearly? Have you ever touched your lover and thought it logically impossible that heaven could feel that peaceful? It hurts doesn’t it? It hurts because that moment will never be again. Love is grief.  That moment hurts because it is the marriage between bliss and torment. It is love. From that love comes gratitude that this second will never happen again. Ever.  It hurts your heart because deep down we crave eternity and if that craving is not filled we beg to freeze time.

To love that passionately is to become the epitome of courage. There is no certainty in it. Love is not certainty of forever. Love is not knowing if it will be there in the form you desire. You do not ask your child or beloved, "Do you love me?" You ask yourself, "Will I still love you when you are no longer gifted in the art of loving me?" You see it takes a gifted person to love like that. Not everyone can love like that. Don't loose it if you have it and refine it if you do. Beware though as it takes the ability to withstand great losses and pain to love like that. 

Whether we find love here or not, there is a part that hopes we can continue that search elsewhere; on another plane.  But we do not know. If you do know, then humility is lost in arrogance that has passed off as faith. Faith is not certainty. Faith is embracing what you do not know.

We can measure and thus know one thing: Time is possessive.  Respect her.  Give generously of yourself; sacrifice when it is inconvenient and love like this moment will never happen again. That means  love man, woman and child until you tongue the unbearable balance of bliss and torment’s long kiss under the ticking heartbeat of time. We grieve who we love and love who we grieve. Love is grief.  It is the act of letting go and letting love expand its purple heart. And maybe somewhere in that indigo ocean you can swim next to love without drowning in it. Death ae the every day acts of grace of letting go of love. Remember love is not a feeling we control. It is a state of reality that let go of the illusion of control. There is grief in letting go of love so it is not a mere moment. Perhaps that is what eternity's love is. I do not know. Now, how can we possibly ever say grief is ugly? It is the bravest thing in the world to love like that.

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