Scaling Love

This picture is a mere sliver of the billions of galaxies that surround the Milky Way. Yes, each dot you see is a galaxy and this is just a snapshot of the universal pie. You see our problems, pains and struggles are real in this earthly sphere. It is not to diminish individual heartache. Rather it is a reminder to not get lost in the neighborhood of your pain. Love loss can start out painful and if obsessed over turn selfish. Are there not better things to love than a person who doesn't love you in the way you desire?  Love loss is a reminder that there are greater things that await our wonder and acknowledgment. Heartache of a lover who betrayed your heart does not mean you are not important. It means there are other forms of love awaiting to make space in your space. Do not hold on to love that is not ready to be embraced. If someone does not want you, respect you and honor you then let go. No question in the world will make them ready for you. Only the answer of time and space can illuminate what is seeking you with love. It does not make our losses and trauma better. That is naive. Rather, it reminds us we are not alone and that one closed heart should never stop you from opening your heart to the billions who await your heart's flame to ignite their eyes. Stop trying to light candles that are burnt out. A simple formula. Love who you have and let go who doesn't love  what they have. If you do not you lost love and replaced it with control.  Give up on that; not love. 

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