Freedom without Morality is Hedonism

We must value life before we cry more freedom. Behold what the free have done. The American principles of honor and duty need to be a bit more refined. Otherwise we sound like spoiled children who demand more freedom without looking at who you are complaining to about not having any rights. Have you ever complained to a starving child how hard work was today? May God grant freedom papers to human being that ask children how is their life so far.  There is only thing more deadly than beautiful little orphaned kids running into the arms of death. What is it? Running into the demands of man. The man who is free to do whatever the free do with lost gems of our soul.  Awareness is being killed and compassion is endangered. Opposite of Awareness? Ignorance by Choice;  Counting  8 churches in the west as burned in the last year without including the 800 burned in the east.. Compassion's opposite? Indifference. Watching a manicured fat man in an air conditioned home complaining he is hot and hungry. In the background is a picture of a girl begging for food.  



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